What to Do If Mattress is Too Small for The Bed Frame

What to Do If Mattress is Too Small for Bed Frame

Have you ever bought a new mattress and found out it’s too small for your bed frame? It’s frustrating, right? It is also common to purchase a new mattress and bed frame as a set, but what happens if the mattress is too small for the bed frame?  Buying another mattress is the easiest solution. But you can try some other solutions discussed in this article before buying a new one. and save some bucks. 


1. Use a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can be a simple solution if the size difference between the mattress and bed frame is insignificant and they are only off by a few inches. Mattress toppers can add extra cushioning and also make the mattress larger. They come in various thicknesses, and selecting a thicker one can help with the size discrepancy.



2. Add a Bed Frame Extension


If the mattress frame is too small by a substantial amount, consider adding a bed frame extension. A bed frame extension is a device that lengthens or widens the bed frame, and you can purchase them from specialty retailers. Bed frame extensions are available in various sizes, so select the one that matches the size of your bed frame.


What to Do If Mattress is Too Small for Bed Frame

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3. Purchase a Bed Frame Adapter


A bed frame adapter is another solution to this problem. It is a device that attaches to your bed frame’s headboard and footboard to adjust its width or length. Bed frame adapters slide easily onto the existing bed frame rails and can increase the frame’s size to fit the mattress correctly.


4. Fill in the Extra Space


If the mattress is too small for the bed frame, you can fill in the additional space and keep the bed frame and mattress size proportionate. Consider using extra pillows, rolled-up towels or blankets, foam blocks, or other materials to fill in the gaps. These materials can be strategically placed on the sides of the mattress to create a snug fit and support the bed frame’s edges.


5. Purchase a New Mattress


One of the most straightforward solutions is to purchase a new mattress that matches the dimensions of your bed frame. Before buying a new mattress, carefully measure the bed frame’s dimensions and purchase a mattress that fits correctly. Take notes of the bed frame’s width and length, ensuring the mattress measurement matches the bed frame measurement before purchasing. Additionally, Click Here to find out 17 Bed Frame Types before buying a new mattress. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Too Small For My Bed Frame?

If you see gaps between the mattress and the bed frame, it’s probably too small.


Can I Use A Smaller Mattress On A Bigger Bed Frame?

Yes, you can use a smaller mattress on a more oversized bed frame, but it may not look aesthetically pleasing.


What Are The Consequences Of Using A Smaller Mattress On A Bed Frame?

Using a smaller mattress on a bed frame may make it look odd, increase wear and tear, and reduce the overall comfort level.


How Can I Fill The Gap Between My Mattress And Bed Frame?

You can use foam bed bridges or buy a mattress topper to fill the gap between the mattress and bed frame.



A mismatched bed frame and mattress size can cause discomfort while sleeping and affect the quality of your sleep. By following the highlighted solutions, you can ensure that your bed is comfortable and supportive for better sleep quality. If one solution fails to work, move on to the next. Eventually, you will find a solution to fix the issue and enjoy a comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep.


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